Actors Audition Studios Success Stories

As America’s Audition Coach, I have spent the past 3 decades creating, writing, testing, and perfecting my signature system, “The Autograph: On-Camera Training Method”, modern approach to auditioning.

I have been a long standing, trusted source for preparing and coaching new and professional actors to more exciting and profitable careers.

I’ve been where you are and I’ve been where you want to be!

My students work! On BIG shows! Speaking roles, regular recurring roles, star making roles! My students audition more, book more, and have longer careers than any other single acting program.
I have brand new students (studying with me less than 6 months) working on sets with Stars and having their own name in Variety and newspapers! Many being PAID, right from the start!

Enjoy reading some of these exciting success stories! These actors, just like you, had a dream, found the right training, and made it happen!
You can too!

Lets see what we can create together!


“America’s Audition Coach”

Major Dodson


 You may know Major from several of the most popular shows on TV and in theatres! At a young age, his career has already spanned projects from intrigue, to faith based, to the current role of “Sam” on the mega hit “The Walking Dead”! This bright, fun, down-to-earth young actor is one of my favorite students! He laughs, plays, and enjoys his career!

Currently recurring on “The Walking Dead” as Sam, he has keep us on the edge of our seats! Starring in American Horror Story: Freak Show, we watched as the clown held him hostage! He starred as Raymie Steele in the Left Behind as Nicolas Cage’s son. He also starred as Young Eric Ashworth in DERMAPHORIA and in Revolution.

Currently in pre-production on several projects – check him out! and on IMDB


Dalton E. Gray


Dalton is an actor with passion and dare devil drive! He excells in motocross and keeps us on the edge of our seats!

Starring recently on “NCIS: New Orleans”, “American Horror Story”, and “Revolution” (so much fun to have TWO of my actors in the same TWO series!). He cracked us up in “Dumb and Dumber To”, “Spy Kids: All the Time in the World” in 4D. 

Check him out on IMDB.

Colton Tapp


Recent winner of the Best Actor Award by the Dallas Horror Film Festival! Having dabbled in acting at a younger age, Colton decided to come back full steam! Within 3 months of training with me, he booked almost every role he auditioned for! Within 6 months, he starred in “Three Days in August” with Barry Bostwick and Mariette Hartley! He was in Variety the very first week of filming! He trains weekly, never misses class, and works NON-STOP! He has traveled across the US to star in features, television, and commercials, along with some print modeling!

Recently he was booked for 3 projects on the SAME day! Also featured on “Salem” and “NCIS: New Orleans”.

Check his site at and on IMDB

Kerry McCormick

Kerry McCormick


Actress, Stunt Performer, Martial Artist Choreography   

Kerry won the Actors Audition Studio Crystal Ball Award in Nov 2014. Her broad spectrum of roles includes award-winning short and feature films, commercials, web series, local theater productions and an improv troupe. She trains consistantly and strives for exellence! Her most recent roles include Mrs. Armstead in the feature film “Carter High” starring Vivica Fox, Charles S. Dutton, David Banner and Pooch Hall. She also did a short-run performance of “The Cab Calloway Story” where she played all 8 female characters.

Read all about her at


Joel Foxx


An investigative reporter for 22 years, Joel decided to give acting a try. And what a success! After his very first headshot session, he booked major shows within 6 months of training with me!
NBC’s “American Crime”, “Salem”, HBO’s “The Originals”, “The Leftovers”, “Mamma Dallas” Pilot, “Amerigeddon”, “The Frankenstein Code” Series, “The JFK Story”,  and more – ALL PAID!