Lar Park Lincoln
America’s Audition Coach!



From “Knots Landing” to “Beverly Hills 90210″, starring roles in feature films, television and as a celebrity guest host on the QVC Shopping Channel, Lar is an actor, speaker, author, career coach and a mighty proud mother of two!

Her deliciously femme fatale role of five years on “Knots Landing” offered her the opportunity to work with such luminaries as Michelle Lee and William Devane.


Following her award-winning role as a young prostitute on CBS’s “Children of the Night”, Lar played an Arian terrorist in “Hunter”, the psychic and telekinetic girl who defeats Jason in “Friday the 13th, Part VII”, the innocent girl opposite Eva Gabor in “Princess Academy” and a sexy vamp in “Fatal Charm”, just to name a few.

She has been a featured guest on “Oprah”, “Geraldo”, “60 Minutes” and “Entertainment Tonight”, plus numerous local and syndicated talk and radio shows.

For 19 years, over 90 million viewers (including the UK and Germany) have watched her on QVC as the selling dynamo, responsible for millions of dollars of on-air sales.

After being widowed, Lar decided to return to her native state of Texas to raise her children. Since that move, she rapidly became Texas’ most elite career coach for actors, models and pageantry. Lar’s production company – Ooh La Lar Productions – has produced an independent film on teen heroine abuse, written and directed by her film student nephew and shot entirely in Dallas, Texas. She has also produced and directed “Black and White”, an intense look into the continuing ordeal of racism today.

Lar’s first book, “Get Started, Not Scammed!”, is the ultimate guide to the entertainment industry. This long over due and highly anticipated book goes behind the scenes to tell the truth and warn parents and their children about the many scams in the marketplace today. Lar says, “I like to educate young people so they don’t waste their time or money doing something not right for them.”

Lar’s Actors Audition Studios, located in Dallas, prepares new and seasoned actors for the difficult world of on-camera auditions! Study “The Autograph”, Lar’s proprietary actors method.


Lar Park Lincoln shares over three decades of in-depth personal knowledge in her book. Fed-up with scams and dream-stealing schemes, Lar has brought the dark side of the industry to light and guides parents, young hopefuls and veteran actors with truth and integrity.

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Becka Rose
Studio Assistant / Accomplice

Becka Rose (SAG/AFTRA), is a rare breed of performer. She did her time as the obligatory waitress waiting “to be discovered”. She then decided to take charge of her career! She sought and gained membership in two additional unions, AEA and IATSE, crew, lighting, and stage design set-up (triple threat takes on new meaning with Becka!). Soon she was touring with Sesame Street LIVE and filming Osage County with Julia Roberts. Born to a luxury car mechanic and a middle school cafeteria manager, her brother, learning disabled, led her to develop a unique and dynamic personality: compassion for those less fortunate, bullied, and often ostracized. In between learning dance, theatre, and education degrees, she rode dirt bikes, tinkered in her dad’s garage, and blasted the targets at the gun range…all the while crooning her own melodies! Becka wrote and is in pre-production for “The Green Line”, a song she penned and performs about physical and emotional abuse. Becka is the Sr. acting coach at the Actor’s Audition Studios, trained under Lar Park Lincoln.